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The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing Frequencies

The ReconnectionTM and Reconnective Healing FrequenciesTM

"Are you happy with what you have created, or do you feel completely out of sync with your space and your life?"The Reconnection is the umbrella process of reconnecting to the universe that allows for Reconnective Healing to take place. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth and are brought in via a spectrum of light and information that has never before been present on Earth. It is through The Reconnection that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect."
--Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

The ReconnectionTM

The Reconnection is about connecting our personal energy grid system (i.e. acupuncture lines and subtle anatomy, including chakras) with the energy grid system of the greater universe. When we connect with the greater energy grid, we receive an influx of light and information that completely transforms our body-mind-spirit.

Imagine your personal energy grid as a computer 'operating system'. The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing basically upgrade your system exponentially! Circuits fly open. New connections are made. Dormant DNA is awakened. Huge amounts of "new" information pours in. Your energy lines connect with, what J.J. Hurtak calls, 'axiatonal lines', circuits of the higher frequency grids, that open the flow to these higher dimensions. You are now able to receive light and information that your system was not able to receive or process before.

The Reconnection is about restoring yourself to spiritual wholeness. It's about releasing or removing the blocks or interferences that have kept you separate from your intrinsic perfection. It's about the restructuring of your DNA and your reconnection to the universe on a new level.

The Reconnection takes place in two sessions, each session lasting about 45-60 minutes. You'll lie on a massage table, shoes off, eyes closed. Sessions take place on consecutive days or with one day in-between. The Reconnection is a touch-free procedure.

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Investment for the two-session Reconnection is $333.

Reconnective Healing FrequenciesTM

"A [person] immersed in reconnective energy is experiencing more than a 'fix-it' job. They're permeated with light; exchanging information in a 'high-level' conference with the universe".
--Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

Reconnective Healing is often a life-changing experience that uses the light and information exchange of the fifth dimensional energy grid to renew the human body, mind, and spirit. Thus, the effects of a healing session may be felt on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Reconnective Healing is different from Reiki, Johrei, Qi Gong, Pranic Healing, or any technique you've encountered.

"Recognizing that 'healing' means reconnecting with the perfection of the universe, we realize that the universe knows what we need to receive".--Dr. Eric Pearl

The Reconnective healing frequencies are composed of light, information, and intelligence. They work on our DNA, acupuncture meridians, and the light field or grid surrounding us and extending out from our meridian lines. The RH frequencies "connect" us with higher vibrational frequencies which in turn act on our DNA and biofields. The RH intelligence "knows" where to go, what areas of affect. The practitioner's role is to act a catalyst, bringing both client and RH frequencies together. The practitioner then steps out of the way so that the Universe/ RH frequencies can act directly on the client, without any ego or interference from the practitioner.

Each person's experience is unique and perfect for them.

"If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of--one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you."
--Dr. Eric Pearl

A Reconnective Healing session lasts about 40 minutes. You'll lie on a bed, shoes off, eyes closed. It is recommended that you experience two or three sessions to adjust to the new healing frequencies.

Reconnective Healing is a quantum modality and distance is irrelevant in the experience of the light, energy, and information exchange. In fact, for some the effects may feel strongerwith distance. There is no difference in effect between In-Person or Distance when it comes to Reconnective Healing.

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Investment for each Reconnective Healing Session is $60.


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