Psicomatrìz = Coach by Personal Psychological Maps
Psicomatrìz = Coach by Personal Psychological Maps

Psicomatriz = Coach by Personal Psychological Maps

(Cabalistic Numerology, Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Tarot)

Are you happy with what you have created, or do you feel completely out of sync with your space and your life?

When you bring your Mind in ressonance with your light potencials, then you become a conscious co-creator of your life experience. You can choose to create a life that reinforces qualities of balance, joy, peace and prosperity into your life with grace and ease!

The purpose of this technique is to help you discover your mission and commit to your destination, as well as facilitate the discovery of their talents, skills and abilities to positively face the challenges.

The evolutionary process is anchored in access to their own potentialities and understanding of personal challenges. You can access a new frequency and thus live a more full life, harmonious, loving, happy, fluid, a high level of personal awareness.

Our life is a reflection of ourselves and instabilities point towards an suitable period to achieve personal transformation. The evolution of consciousness happens by active job search by evolution and spiritual growth.

The PSICOMATRÍZ gives opportunity a greater understanding of our energy flows through Astrology + maps Chinese Astrology + numerology Cabalistic + Tarot = generating a recalibration Frequency of this personal psychological matrix integrated with Matrix Energetics, techniques Reconnective Healing, Merkaba and Flower of Life through the sacred geometries.

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Investment for one session of Psicomatriz is $60.


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