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Geobiology comes from GEO (Earth) and BIO (life). It is the study of the influence of the Earth, on all life. Only within the recent years has this old tradition been revived, but as been known to the Chinese and the Tibetans for thousands of years. Geobiology is practiced since forever and even Hippocrates, who died at 83 in a time (430 before J.C.) when life expectancy was hardly 25 years old, said that: "We cannot claim to cure a patient without taking into account his exterior environment" !

We all knows that certain locations spread a feeling of well being, whereas other places let us feel uneasy. Everything around us is vibrations. The energy forces of our environment can be harmonious or in disharmony.

Our living space or our place of work are under the influence of these forces, acting unsuspectingly on our organism. These waves, present in the entire universe, may cause varying pathogenic effects and affect our physical and mental well-being, as well as our behavior.

After a long-term exposure at harmful locations, troubles may appear, ranging from simple disagreements to more serious pathologies: loss of vitality, insomnia, cancer, depression... according to the sensibility of the individual.

The job of geobiology is to rebalance the living space and to raise the level of positive vibrations, in order to allow the body to recharge itself.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that a long stay in a disturbed location, has a definite effect on the electromagnetic functioning of our cells, devitalises our organism and weakens our immunity system.

The Biology of work can be done in homes, apartments, businesses, shops, offices, enabling a complete harmony in the environment as well as a stream of continuous prosperity and abundance.

Through Sacred Geometry and installation of a Column Buddha on the property and its occupants is created a new light vortex on the planet that joins all the vortices of light that form the Christ Consciousness Network.

The work is carried out at a distance and the harmonization process is finalized within 3 days later.

Prior to curing the symptoms of the illness, we must first cure the house.

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Investment for Residencial Frequency Geobiology is $100.

Investment for Business Frequency Geobiology is $180.


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